Data pack 7 / GP results screen data

5BB35 -> 5BC04*Unknown data
missing data
5BD91 -> 5BD92"_" (line above and below the RESULTS text)
missing data
5BE24 -> 5BE41"RESULTS" (2 raws)
5BE44 -> 5BE6FWinner flag display data
5BE72 -> 5BEB1Driver position pointers
5BEB4 -> 5BEC3How many points you get for each place, from 1st to 8th
5BEC4 -> 5BECBCup name pointers (2 bytes each)
5BF30 -> 5BF3D"ROUND 1"
5BF40 -> 5BF4D"ROUND 2"
5BF50 -> 5BF5D"ROUND 3"
5BF60 -> 5BF6D"ROUND 4"
5BF70 -> 5BF79"FINAL"
5BF7C -> 5BF93Mushroom/Flower/Star icons around the "RESULTS" and "STANDINGS" texts
5BF94 -> 5BF95Mushroom Cup icon tcp
5BF96 -> 5BF97Flower Cup icon tcp
5BF98 -> 5BF99Star Cup icon tcp
5BF9A -> 5BF9BStar Cup icon tcp (for Special Cup Race, right side)
5BF9C -> 5BF9DFlower Cup icon tcp (for Special Cup Race, right side)
5BF9E -> 5BF9FMushroom Cup icon tcp (for Special Cup Race, right side)
5BFA0 -> 5BFA5Class name pointers (2 bytes each)
5BFA6 -> 5BFAB"50cc"
5BFAE -> 5BFB5"100cc"
5BFB8 -> 5BFBF"150cc"
missing data
5C0EF -> 5C0F0"(" opening bracket around the points you get
missing data
5C0F8 -> 5C0F9"+" plus sign next to the points you get
missing data
5C101 -> 5C102")" closing bracket around the points you get
5C227 -> 5C23ATiles for the points, from 0 to 9 (2 bytes each)
5C24B -> 5C25AThe starting position on screen of the 8 lines (results, 2 bytes each)
5C25B -> 5C26ADriver name pointers (2 bytes each)
5C277 -> 5C2FCDriver name texts
(Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess, Donkey Kong Jr, Koopa Troopa, Toad, Yoshi)
5C2FD -> 5C30CRanking lines from 1st to 8th (2 byte each)
5C30D -> 5C30EP1 driver name, flashing 1/2 (standings)
5C30F -> 5C310P2 driver name, flashing 1/2 (standings)
5C313 -> 5C314P1 & P2 driver name, flashing 2/2 (standings)
missing data
5C31A -> 5C328Driver sprite pointers
missing data
5C42F -> 5C430" " (tile used for spaces)
missing data
5C45D -> 5C45E".." (tile next to each name)
missing data

Note 1: changing 5C0DB from B0 to B1 (many other values work too) will show the "+ points" for all 8 drivers

Note 2: to move the text lines around, change the following addresses from 'FE' to something else, like 'FF' for example:

5BDFB = x position of all standings lines 1/2
5C12A = x position of all standings lines 2/2
5C1E1 = x position where each line starts getting erased, after scores are calculated
5C7AC = x position of P1 flashing standings line
5C7CC = x position of P2 flashing standings line