Data pack 7 / Podium screen data

59800 -> 59859Unknown data
5985B -> 59878Data related to when you get any of the cups
59879 -> 59882Data related to when you get a gold cup
59883 -> 5988CData related to when you get a silver cup
5988D -> 59893Data related to when you get a bronze cup
59894 -> 598B3Unknown data
598B5 -> 5991BData related to the distortion effects used for the big fish (Cheep-Cheep) and "Congratulations" text
5991D -> 5997FUnknown data
59981 -> 599AEData that includes pointers to graphics tables (the 'A2 XX XX XX 81' packs, among others)
599B0 -> 59A7DData that is mostly related to the driver head sprites (weirdly organized...)
59A7F -> 59AE7Data that includes color palette pointers
59AEA -> 59B0BBig fish display data and stuff
59B0D -> 59B21Champagne bottle data
59B13/59B14 = x/y initial position, 59B19/59B1A = tcp
59B24 -> 59B55Cloud related data
59B58 -> 59B70Cloud related data, specific to the Special Cup Race
59B73 -> 59BA3Unknown data (includes general driver bodies, clouds, cups, big fish etc... data)
59BA6 -> 59CF8Unknown data (includes data related to when you finish under 3rd)
59CFA -> 59D5BUnknown data
59D5E -> 59D76Data related to text display
59D78 -> 59D81Data related to the resizing of the big fish as he dumps the cup
59D82 -> 59D96Data related to the falling cup
59D97 -> 59DF1Unknown data, rarely any effect noticed (but some confetti related data around the end)
59DF2 -> 59E15Data related to the big fish display
59DF3/F9DF4 = X/Y animated tail position
59E17 -> 59EC6Data related to the shadow below the big fish
59E2B/59E2C = Color and opacity
59E9B = Vertical position
59EC9 -> 59ED7Color palettes used on the GP results and podium screens
59ED8 -> 59EDAUnknown data
59EDB -> 59EE0Gold, silver and bronze cup behavior pointers
59EE1 -> 59EEDUnknown data (related to big fish and stuff)
59EF0 -> 59F06Defines whose head is on whose body
59F07 -> 59F12Unknown data (color palette related?)
59F14 -> 59F18Data related to the size of the big fish for the gold, silver and bronze cups
59F19 -> 59F20Big fish data
59F21 -> 59FD2Big fish tile layout (animated fish tail part from 5A197 onward)
59FD3 -> 59FDACongratulations text data
59FD3/59FD4 = "1" tcp (right above the Congratulations text)
59FD5/59FD6 = "2" tcp
59FD7/59FD8 = "3" tcp
59FDB -> 5A035Congratulations text tile layout
5A037 -> 5A0ABRandom data (need to check in detail)
5A040/5A041 = Mushroom cloud tcp
5A042/5A043 = Flower cloud tcp
5A044/5A045 = Star cloud tcp
5A04C -> 5A06B = Big impact sprite tcp (when the big fish gets hit by the champagne cork)
5A0AC -> 5A0BBColor palettes to use for characters (unknown)
5A0BC -> 5A0C3Unknown data

5A0C4 -> 5A0C9Class name pointers (2 bytes each)
5A0CA -> 5A0D3"50cc "
5A0D6 -> 5A0DF"100cc "
5A0E2 -> 5A0EB"150cc "
5A0EE -> 5A0F5Cup name pointers (2 bytes each)
5A0F8 -> 5A107"MUSHROOM"
5A10A -> 5A115"FLOWER"
5A118 -> 5A11F"STAR"
5A122 -> 5A12F"SPECIAL"
5A132 -> 5A145" CUP RACE
" (ends with a line break)
5A148 -> 5A157Driver name pointers (2 bytes each)
5A15C -> 5A1CBDriver name texts
(Mario, Luigi, Bowser, The Princess, DK Jr., Koopa, Toad, Yoshi)
5A1CC -> 5A1DF" WINS THE "
5A1E2 -> 5A1F3" CAME IN "
5A1FE -> 5A207"GOLD."
5A20C -> 5A219"SILVER."
5A21E -> 5A22B"BRONZE."
5A230 -> 5A245"GREAT RACE!"
5A256 -> 5A25D"4TH "
5A260 -> 5A267"5TH "
5A26A -> 5A271"6TH "
5A274 -> 5A27B"7TH "
5A27E -> 5A285"8TH "
5A288 -> 5A2A9"PLACE.

Note: to remove the line break in the Princess' text, change 5AD10 from 'AD' to 'AF', and 5AD36 from 'AF' to 'AD'

5A324 -> 5A32FData related to the falling cup

Driver bodies definition:

Each character pointer is made of 4 bytes:
1st and 2nd byte: standing frame pointer, 3rd and 4th byte: victory frame pointer.
Then for each frame, each tile is defined by 4 bytes:
1st/2nd: x/y position, 3rd: graphics tile pointer, 4th: color palette pointer

Note that messing with character body pointers can lead to graphical glitches in the final ola (even if your characters work right in the podium scenes). There are 3 types of characters:
Those types work according to the corresponding character pointers. Each character pointer is made of 4 bytes. Substract the value of 1st byte from the value of the 3rd byte (for Mario, that's 4A - 34 = 16), add 4 to that result and you get the size the game will accept for each of the character frame. Doing the same calculations for Donkey's pointers will give you 12, and for Bowser 1A (or 20, the way we calculate things here), and adding 4 to those results will give you the same numbers as above.
To sum things up, you can't swap character pointers if both characters aren't of the same type, or that'll make the final ola glitch.
However, it is possible to change the frame size of one character by restructuring its data and changing its pointer(s) accordingly, but managing to do so without breaking the final ola can be hard.

Note: all of the characters who jump (Mario, Luigi, Koopa, Toad) have 'E0 E0 C2 32' at the end of their standing frame. That's their shadow sprite, but it's hidden by their own body, so it's useless in the original game.
The shadow sprite as they jump ('78 AD C2 32'), however, can be seen.
Also note that the other characters (Bowser, Princess, Donkey, Yoshi) only jump for the final ola screen (at the end of the staff roll, after having won the Special Cup Race), so their jumping frame isn't defined here but in the credits screen data.

5A330 -> 5A401Mario
5A330 -> 5A333 = Character pointer
5A334 -> 5A347 = Standing frame
5A34A -> 5A35D = Victory frame
5A360 -> 5A401 = Victory animation (when you finish 1st)
5A404 -> 5A467Bowser
5A404 -> 5A407 = Character pointer
5A408 -> 5A40B = Victory animation pointer
5A40C -> 5A423 = Standing frame
5A426 -> 5A43D = Victory frame
5A440 -> 5A467 = Victory animation
5A476 -> 5A4ABPrincess
5A476 -> 5A479 = Character pointer
5A47A -> 5A491 = Standing frame
5A494 -> 5A4AB = Victory frame
5A4AE -> 5A54BDonkey
5A4AE -> 5A4B1 = Character pointer
5A4B2 -> 5A4B9 = Victory animation pointer
5A4BA -> 5A4C9 = Standing frame
5A4CC -> 5A4DB = Victory frame
5A4DE -> 5A54B = Victory animation
5A54E -> 7A637Luigi
5A54E -> 5A551 = Character pointer
5A552 -> 5A565 = Standing frame
5A568 -> 5A57B = Victory frame
5A57E -> 5A637 = Victory animation
5A63A -> 5A717Koopa
5A63A -> 5A63D = Character pointer
5A63E -> 5A641 = Victory animation pointer
5A642 -> 5A655 = Standing frame
5A658 -> 5A66B = Victory frame
5A66E -> 5A717 = Victory animation
5A71A -> 5A757Toad
5A71A -> 5A71D = Character pointer
5A71E -> 5A731 = Standing frame
5A734 -> 5A747 = Victory frame
5A74A -> 5A757 = Victory animation
5A75A -> 5A794Yoshi
5A75A -> 5A75D = Character pointer
5A75E -> 5A76D = Standing frame
5A770 -> 5A77F = Victory frame
5A782 -> 5A794 = Victory animation

5A796 -> 5A7A4Data related to the big fish getting blasted to the mountains
5A7A6 -> 5A8C6Data related to the big fish and the cup, for the gold cup ceremony
5A7A9/5A7AA = Point where the big fish stops to drop the cup
5A7AE/5A7AF & 5A7B3/5A7B4 = Big fish deceleration data
5A7D2 = Vertical position of the cup impact with the winner's head
5A7D3 = Vertical position of the cup landing
5A8C7 -> 5A922Data related to the big fish and the cup, for the silver cup ceremony
5A8CA/5AACB = Point where the big fish stops to drop the cup
5A8CF/5AAD0 & 5A8D4/5A8D5 = Big fish deceleration data
5A8F8 = Vertical position of the cup impact with the winner's head
5A8F9 = Vertical position of the cup landing
5A923 -> 5A97EData related to the big fish and the cup, for the bronze cup ceremony
5A926/5A927 = Point where the big fish stops to drop the cup
5A92B/5A92C & 5A930/5A931 = Big fish deceleration data
5A954 = Vertical position of the cup impact with the winner's head
5A955 = Vertical position of the cup landing
5A97F -> 5AA83Data related to the big fish and the cup, for all 3 ceremonies
5A9E0 = Pointer to the music played after the fish dumps the cup
5A9E1 = Pointer to the sound the fish makes as he dumps the cup
5A9EB = Pointer to the sound as the cup gets dumped
5AA5B = Pointer to the sound the cup makes as it hits the player's head and the ground
5AA84 -> 5AB66Confetti data
5AB43 -> 5AB48 = Blue confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB49 -> 5AB4E = Orange confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB4F -> 5AB54 = Yellow confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB55 -> 5AB5A = White confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB5B -> 5AB60 = Red confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB61 -> 5AB66 = Green confetti tcp (3 frames)
5AB6D -> 5AB8EMore data
5AB89/5AB8A = Little impact sprite tcp (as the cup bumps on the player's head)
(the impact sprite is made of 4 tiles but you only define the top left one)
5AB8F -> 5ABB9Cloud data
5ABBA -> 5AC5CData related to the "Congratulations" text (flashing, distortion, position)
5ACF6 = Horizontal position
5ACFB = Vertical position
5AC5D -> 5AEBBText (and stuff) related data
5AD5F -> 5AD81 = Text data when player is a "Super Mario Kart Expert"
5AD82 -> 5ADF7 = Text data when player ranks below 3rd
5AE50 -> 5AEBB = Various data (like character sprite related data) when player ranks below 3rd
5AEBC -> 5AF83Podium character sprite, text etc display and functional data
5AF83 -> 5AFD3Unknown data (podium data mixed with some final ola data)
(some large data ranges seemed to have no effect at all, maybe related to other parts of the game, or unused)

Final ola (at the end of the credits):
5AF83 -> 5AFB3 = Mario data (5AFA2/5AFA3 = x/y position)
5B0B8 -> 5B0E8 = Bowser data (5B0D7/5B0D8 = x/y position)
5B18B -> 5B1BB = Princess data (5B1AA/5B1AB = x/y position)
5B26F -> 5B29F = Donkey data (5B28E/5B28F = x/y position)
5B37F -> 5B3AF = Luigi data (5B39E/5B39F = x/y position)
5B4C4 -> 5B4F4 = Koopa data (5B4E3/5B4E4 = x/y position)
5B602 -> 5B632 = Toad data (5B621/5B622 = x/y position)
5B781 -> 5B7B1 = Yoshi data (5B7A0/5B7A1 = x/y position)
5BAD6 -> 5BAE0Final ola data
5BAE1 -> 5BB28Final ola character data
(2nd and 3rd bytes = jumping order
do not swap data between side characters [those who don't jump at first] and the middle ones, else glitches)
5BAE2 -> 5BAE9 = Bowser
5BAEB -> 5BAF2 = Princess
5BAF4 -> 5BAFB = Koopa
5BAFD -> 5BB04 = Mario
5BB06 -> 5BB0D = Luigi
5BB0F -> 5BB16 = Toad
5BB18 -> 5BB1F = Yoshi
5BB21 -> 5BB28 = Donkey
5BB29 -> 5BB34Final ola data