Data pack 7

Address(*) sizeData
58000 -> 59099-Title screen data-
5909B -> 597FE-Player and cup selection screen data-
59800 -> 5BB34-Podium screen data (+ final ola)-
5BB35 -> ?????-GP results screen data (!)-
5C800 -> 5CCFF-Object coordinates for all 20 GP tracks (same track order as here)
64 bytes per track (2 bytes per object),
first 32 bytes: object (Pipes, Piranha Plants...) coordinates,
12 following bytes: 2P Match Race object coordinates,
the rest is blank

Note for Match Race objects:
the 7th highest bit of the 2nd byte defines whether Chain Chomps move horizontally (0) or vertically (1)
And the highest (ie: 8th) bit defines whether the object is a Chain Chomp (0) or a Banana (1)
5CD00 -> 5CFFF-Unknown data (!) unused?-
5D000 -> 5DBFF-Track overlay data for all tracks (same track order as here)
128 bytes per track
5DC00 -> ?????-Unknown data (!)-
5E770 -> 5EDF4-Position number sprites
(They're in a different format than the rest of the game gfx)
60000 -> 60188 (*)189Chain Chomp sprite
60189 -> 60521 (*)399Ghost Valley road gfx (4bpp rev)
60522 -> 60525-Unused space-
60526 -> 61E27-Driver AI data-
61E28 -> 61F45 (*)11EMenu music-
61F46 -> 61F88 (*)43TAN sign values for the AI to work out the turn of angle for the next CPU point.-
61F89 -> 61FFF-Unused space-