Super Mario Kart ROM documentation

by the Epic Racers team
Last update: Aug-2021

Introduction (*) = compressed
(**) = double compressed
(!) = missing info

0 -> 1FFFData pack 1
Gfx: Ghost pillar, Monty Mole, Ground effects and impact, Victory flag, Battle Mode balloon, Thwomp, Rainbow Road background, Vanilla Lake road
Data: Ghost Valley music, Demo inputs (Yoshi)
2000 -> 7FFFMario driver sprite
8000 -> 11FFFData pack 2
Gfx: Lakitu and co, Piranha Plant, Pipe, Race time font, Item icons, Cheep-Cheep, Squashed drivers
Data: General and functional stuff
12000 -> 17FFFBowser driver sprite
18000 -> 201FFData pack 3
Gfx: Track backgrounds
Data: Driver stats, Lap line coordinates, Driver starting positions, In-track, Time Trial, Track, Music related, AI indexes, Battle Course 3 track layout, Battle Course 2 track layout, Podium ceremony music, Demo inputs (Donkey, Koopa)
22000 -> 27FFFPrincess driver sprite
28000 -> 31FFFData pack 4
Gfx: Driver faces and little position numbers, Credits color palette
Data: Sound samples, Donut Plains music, Vanilla Lake 1 track layout
32000 -> 37FFFDK Jr. driver sprite
38000 -> 41FFFData pack 5
Gfx: Common road gfx, Items, Track color palettes, Rainbow Road road
Data: Sound samples, Koopa Beach 2 track layout, Rainbow Road track layout, Credits
42000 -> 47FFFYoshi driver sprite
48000 -> 51FFFData pack 6
Gfx: Loser cloud, Mario Circuit road, Bowser Castle road, Dust cloud, Luigi, Nintendo logo, Donut Plains road, Koopa Beach road
Data: Title music, Demo inputs (Toad, Princess), Koopa Beach music, Bowser Castle music, Choco Island music, Object zones, Ghost Valley pillar coordinates, Overlay patterns, Player and cup selection, Mario Circuit 2 track layout
52000 -> 57FFFKoopa driver sprite
58000 -> 61FFFData pack 7
Gfx: Position numbers, Chain Chomp, Ghost Valley road
Data: Title, Player and cup selection, Podium, Final ola, GP results, Object coordinates, Driver AI, Menu music
62000 -> 67FFFToad driver sprite
68000 -> 7FFFFData pack 8
Gfx: Fonts, Player and Cup selection, Title and GP results, Podium, Rainbow Road bg layout, Choco Island road
Data: All other track layouts, Rainbow Road music, Mario Circuit music, Battle Mode music, Vanilla Lake music, Credits music, Podium no cup music, Tile types, Demo inputs (Mario)